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John Jusu and Matthew Elliott

The Essential Guide to the Bible and Christianity

By Over 70 African Leaders

The Essential Guide to the Bible and Christianity contains wisdom from over 70 pastors and theologians from every corner of Africa. This practical guide to biblical teaching will help you put the basics of the Christian faith into words and equip you to lead others to the truth.

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God’s Word is the powerful sword of the Spirit – all Christians should learn to wield it well! Book by book and genre by genre, The Essential Guide to the Bible and Christianity will teach you how to interpret the Bible.

It will provide you with a balanced perspective on the key teachings relevant to your life and ministry, including:

  • Salvation and atonement
  • The Trinity
  • Angels, Satan, the supernatural, and spirits
  • Christ's second coming
  • The Great Commission
  • Africa's key role in church history
  • Practices of Christian life and worship
  • Community values from Africa and the Bible

Rich wisdom from over 70 pastors and theologians from every corner of Africa is distilled in this treasure trove of knowledge. Whether you’re a Bible school student, a pastor, a lay leader, or a curious Christ-follower, The Essential Guide to the Bible and Christianity will deepen your faith, teach you how to interpret the Bible, and equip you to lead others to the truth.

Dr John Jusu, a missionary of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, is an ordained minister of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Sierra Leone. He has a BScEd from Njala University College in Sierra Leone, an MA and MPhil in Christian Education from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (now Africa International University), and a DPhil in educational studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill.

John was the Dean of the School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences and taught in the Educational Studies Department at Africa International University. He serves with the Overseas Council International as the Africa Regional Director. He works extensively on transformational curriculum issues in response to the context in which formal and non-formal education happens in Africa. His expertise is in understanding the epistemological frameworks of Africans striving to go into pastoral and teaching ministries of the church in Africa, and how their understanding influences educational practices.

John serves as curriculum consultant for the More than a Mile Deep-Global, Senior Researcher for the Africa Leadership Study and member of the Global Associates for Transformational Education. John is also involved in faculty development for many educational initiatives in Africa.

He and his wife, Tity, have three children in addition to 24 children rescued from distressed situations for whom they offer full time care.

Pastors and Christian scholars from across Africa who affirm the Bible as the inspired Word of God came together to make this project happen, and Africa is richer for it. —Dr Conrad Mbewe, Chancellor, African Christian University

This is a much-awaited contribution to our appreciation and deeper understanding of the biblical narratives in a context that is much closer to the African culture and worldview. I hope that not only Africans but also people from other cultures would find this study most beneficial for strengthening their faith in the light of God’s Word. —Dr Opoku Onyinah, former Chairman, The Church of Pentecost

Interpreting the Bible in any context in our 21st century world is always a difficult task. The world of the Bible is different from ours, but the Bible was meant to be read by people in all times and in all places. Readers are meant to grasp its broader story and the deeper messages communicated through its various genres of narrative, poetry, legal material, wisdom literature, apocalyptic material, epistles and so forth. This project has bridged the gap between the world of Africa and the world of the Bible in a unique way, all the while retaining the integrity of the biblical message. —Prof Elizabeth Mburu, Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek, International Leadership University

As African Christians are becoming an increasing portion of the global church, African scholars and teachers have produced a theological handbook sensitive to African realities. —Prof Craig Keener, Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary

As the title promises, this is a comprehensive guide to the Bible and to Christianity, and it is essential for believers and nonbelievers alike to understand the Bible and the Christian life. It is written by Africans who understand the current culture. African proverbs quoted throughout the book help the reader apply biblical truth to our own cultures. This book covers a wide variety of theological topics and lessons in how to read and understand the Bible. Anyone from any culture will benefit from this overview. —Mark Taylor, Chairman of the Board, Tyndale House Ministries

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