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Tim Welch and SirNare Animation Studios

Africa and the Bible from A to Z

Did you know that there are Africans in the Bible? Some of your favourite Bible stories happened on African soil!

Africa and the Bible from A to Z will help children realize how much God cares about Africa, and that being a Christian from Africa is something to be proud of!

Namani J. Nharrel

I’d Rather Die on the High Ground

Gripping Stories of Triumph Over the Power of Darkness and Persecution from a Nigerian Mission Field


“Are you afraid to die for your faith?” She answered, “No! It is better to die on a higher ground than to die in the valley.”

I’d Rather Die on the High Ground contains the gripping stories of newly-converted Christians in Northern Nigeria. This book testifies to their incredible faith in the face of great opposition and to the amazing miracles of the all-powerful God.

Philip E. Morrison

In the Same Room as Jesus

Entering a Deeper Friendship with Christ


You know Jesus as your saviour, but do you know him as your friend?

In the Same Room as Jesus is a record of Morrison’s journey from emotional distance to intimacy with Jesus. If you’re hungering for a deeper relationship with Jesus, this book will show you how to become friends with Christ.

M.D. Kinoti PhD

Making Peace with Fire

Harnessing Conflict to Transform your Relationships


Making Peace with Fire prepares you to confidently navigate conflicts with family, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and other communities. “Making peace with fire” doesn’t mean resigning yourself to costly conflicts – it means transforming them to lead to stronger relationships.

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