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Hilda Bih Muluh

The Girl With Special Shoes

Miracles Don’t Always Look Like You’d Expect

Hilda’s family didn’t know she had muscular dystrophy. They just knew their preschooler was losing her ability to walk. But they were determined to find a cure. Soon-to-be released, The Girl with Special Shoes is the witty and heartfelt story of a family’s sacrificial love and a God who refashions pain into purpose.


Tim Welch and SirNare Animation Studios

Africa and the Bible from A to Z

Did you know that there are Africans in the Bible? Some of your favourite Bible stories happened on African soil! Africa and the Bible from A to Z will help children realize how much God cares about Africa, and that being a Christian from Africa is something to be proud of!


M.D. Kinoti, PhD

Making Peace with Fire

Harnessing Conflict to Transform your Relationships

Making Peace with Fire prepares you to confidently navigate conflicts with family, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and other communities. “Making peace with fire” doesn’t mean resigning yourself to costly conflicts – it means transforming them to lead to stronger relationships.

Oasis publishes discipleship resources for the church in Africa. We partner with authors and booksellers to meet the demand for Bibles and books written from African perspectives.

Oasis International Publishing now has its very own Facebook page. Follow @OasisBooksandBibles for updates on various resources that address the daily realities facing believers in our African contexts – books, and Bibles that can impact the world!

Africa Study Bible

In 2011, leaders from across Africa envisioned a study Bible to experience “God’s Word through African Eyes.” Their audacious vision was realized five years later in the Africa Study Bible. Over 350 contributors from 50 countries joined in the most ethnically and geographically diverse biblical resource ever created.

Support an author in Africa to help publish their book.

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