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Emmanuel Kwasi Amoafo

Stand Up for the Gospel

Getting the Church Back on Track

This book is a timely wake-up call about what is happening in many of our churches today. It will equip you to defend our timeless faith. In the midst of counterfeits, rediscover the refreshing truths of God’s Word, and the glorious, life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

A poor believer dances to the offering box, sowing her last savings in hopes of reaping a job or a husband. “Surely this time, I have enough faith!”

Pastors sell anointing oil and holy water to make your prayers powerful. Governments want to regulate the church’s corruption.

We can easily get discouraged about the state of our churches, but, from the very infancy of the church, God's people have been struggling with teaching that departs from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The book of Jude, written by Jesus’s half-brother, called the church of his day to defend the gospel once for all delivered to God’s people at a time when false teaching had crept into the early NT church. Today, Jude’s message offers powerful solutions for addressing false teaching in our churches, just as it did in his day.

  • Worried about false teachers in the church? Jesus’s brother was too. What would Jude say to you today?
  • Do you have questions about deliverance ministries, prosperity teaching, and anointed men of God?

This book provides answers. It will equip you to defend our timeless faith. In the midst of counterfeits, rediscover the refreshing truth of God’s Word and the glorious, life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rev Dr Emmanuel Kwasi Amoafo is passionate about the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ, Christian discipleship, and Christian spiritual formation. Originally from Ghana, he has served in the Anglican Church of Kenya for over 20 years.

He has trained pastors across mainline and charismatic churches. He has been involved in leadership roles with para-church ministries that include Life Challenge Africa, the Navigators, and the Renew Conference in Kenya for missionaries in East Africa. He has ministered in churches that include Deliverance Church, the Kenya Assemblies of God, and Christ Is The Answer Ministries. He is currently leading an interdenominational church plant to an unreached group in Nairobi.

Dr Amoafo co-authored Light For Our Path: A Guide to the Lectionary for Preachers in Africa and has written many book chapters and articles. He was featured in a New York Times article and interviewed by the BBC radio during his time as Vice President of Ghana Homes Inc. in the U.S.

He holds degrees in Bible and Theology, and Biblical Studies from Global University, and a PhD in Theological Studies from Pan Africa Theological Seminary.

He has been a lecturer at Carlile School of Theology, where he was also the Director of Student Affairs. He is currently with the Theology departments of Global University and St. Paul’s University.

He is married to Dr. Esther Nkrumah, and they have five young adult children.

Stand Up for the Gospel is a clarion call to resist the temptation of manipulation through false teachings about the Kingdom of God and to focus on the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ that transforms unto eternal life. I recommend this book to fellow church leaders, pastors, lay leaders, seminary students, and Sunday school teachers, as well as those who seek encouragement to continue on the path of truth – not only in Africa but all over the world. —Most Rev Daniel Okoh, General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church International and International Chairman of Organisation of African Instituted Churches

The call of Jude to “contend for the faith” is as legitimate for us today as it was back then; it cannot be ignored. The growth and expansion of the church in Africa today speaks to a biblical truth in which the God of all grace chooses that which is foolish, weak, low, and despised in the world, to shame the wise strong and high. Amoafo delivers a bold call for consistent expression of faith that bridges the gap between growth and impact. This is a timely work of great relevance, and we must be grateful for this prophetic study. —Rev Prof J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Baeta-Grau Professor of African Christianity and Pentecostal Theology, President of Trinity Theological Seminary, Ghana

Amoafo succinctly exposits the letter of Jude to expose the false “men of God” in present-day Africa who preach a false gospel and practise similar ungodliness and immorality. True to Scripture and unflinchingly practical, Amoafo is not ashamed to allow the message of Jude to wear African clothes and African shoes. Amoafo vividly shows how Jude lays out a battle plan for fighting such false teachings which centres on the unmerited grace of God found in Jesus Christ. Byang Kato, to whom the book is dedicated, would be most proud of his spiritual son in the Lord! Every African Christian and pastor ought to read this book and find true freedom in Christ. —Bishop Martin Morrison, Chairman of The Gospel Coalition Africa, Bishop of REACH SA

An imaginative, stimulating, and profound exposition of the New Testament letter of Jude. Amoafo weaves examples from world history, illustrations from various African countries, and above all copious biblical passages and personal experiences to present authentic Christianity, along with a robust critique of various contemporary distortions, notably the prosperity gospel. Highly recommended for leaders and lay of all denominations. —Prof Paul Gifford, Emeritus Professor of Religion, School of African Studies, University of London, and author of Christianity, Development and Modernity in Africa

The Lord graciously raises up a prophet for the church in each season. Amoafo’s convicting message is one such prophecy. Amoafo could very well be helming a movement that returns the fastest growing branches of Christianity to their rightful biblical roots. Stand Up for the Gospel deserves wide readership and action. We ignore this message to our peril, and especially to the future of Christianity in Africa. Stand Up for the Gospel compels a re-orientation in our discipleship. —Rev Dr Casely Baiden Essamuah, Secretary of the Global Christian Forum

Amoafo’s book has come at a critical time when “godless men” propagate many false doctrines, distorting the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ for their selfish gain. Intrigued by how Jude responded to false teachings, Amoafo addresses the distortions and the negation of the gospel in the church in Africa. I strongly recommend this book to leaders, ministers of the gospel, lecturers, theological students, and Christians, who love the church and are enthusiastic to guard the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who want to see the church reflect God’s Kingdom on earth. —Prof James Nkansah-Obrempong, Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics and Dean, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (AIU), Kenya

Amoafo’s experiences both in Ghana and Kenya give him great perspective on some of the distorted teachings across the continent. While the innovation of African Independent Churches addressed the African worldview of the supernatural, it created room for specially anointed teachers and their doctrines to be accepted uncritically. In desperate hope for better economic prospects, many people become open to manipulation through the teachings of the prosperity gospel. Ironically, leaders become wealthy while their members remain poor. In this book, Amoafo calls for a return to biblical teaching and preaching. I highly commend this book. —Rev Dr Linda Ochola-Adolwa, Church Partnerships Coordinator for International Justice Mission, Kenya

Amoafo issues a valuable, timely warning about the prosperity gospel. He lets the biblical text speak powerfully, illustrated again and again by real-life examples he encountered during his doctoral research for this book. He also provides fruitful positive stories of believers in Africa who have pursued the truth of the gospel, as urged by Jude. The tone is balanced and measured, as the author lets Jude point to better paths for biblical faithfulness. Readers will find the study questions that accompany each chapter especially helpful for sensitive reflection. —Dr Paul Bowers, editor, Christian Reflection in Africa: Review and Engagement

Amoafo puts forward precious nuggets gleaned from the book of Jude that can help the church in Africa to move from its serious theological flaws to a place of hope, truth, and power. The book offers rich content on how to contend for the faith and helpful guidelines for anyone who has strayed to return to the gospel truth. It comes in handy as a valuable resource to help the church in Africa, currently growing numerically, to grow spiritually too. I strongly endorse and recommend it to all Christians, pastors, and Bible school teachers in Africa and beyond. —Rev Dr Abraham Obeng-Amoako, Pastor and Former Head of Operations, Assemblies of God, Ghana

Standing up for the gospel is synonymous with standing up for Christ since Christ is essentially the gospel. The author has provided the general readership, especially Bible Students, the local church pastor and academic faculty with an easy-to-read theological book for the church in Africa. The discussion questions amply position the book for good theological reflections. —Rev Prof Lt Col Vincent Setsoafia, Senior Pastor of House of Integrity, Adjunct faculty of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and West Africa Advanced School of Theology

While providing an insightful expository study of the book of Jude grounded in its historical context and presented in a winsome and relevant manner for the church today, Amoafo offers many illustrations from and insights into the contemporary church of Africa. He calls the church in Africa and globally to proclaim uncompromisingly and to live unswervingly the authentic gospel, centred on the life, death, resurrection, and return of the Lord Jesus Christ. —Dr Douglas P. Lowenberg, Chair of the Bible/Theology Department, Pan-Africa Theological Seminary

After the manner of Byang Kato, a widely acclaimed advocate of doctrinal purity and orthodoxy in Africa, Amoafo takes on all manner of false teachings and calls Africa to return to the purity of the faith and doctrine. Spirited, well-written, and based on Amoafo’s doctoral research, this study will be widely read and talked about throughout Africa and will certainly have an impact. —Prof Aloo Osotsi Mojola, St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya, former Africa Translation Coordinator for United Bible Societies

Amoafo takes the threat of the so-called prosperity gospel head-on, proving from scripture that this is no gospel at all but rather a dangerous counterfeit that deprives people of the blessing of the true gospel. Stand Up for the Gospel is expertly written, masterfully weaving sound biblical teaching with heart-warming stories of real people affected by the prosperity doctrine and those battling it. While it raises the alarm, it also chronicles battles won. It is ultimately a book about hope, full of wisdom and practical advice. This book is a must-read for every Christian. —Dr Audrey Julia Walegwa Mbogho, Associate Professor of Computer Science, United States International University – Africa

Following my 12 years of mission and 14 years of related ministry and work in Africa, this book was close to my heart. The book’s insights and examples will really resonate with the reader. The prosperity doctrine is exploiting the poor and vulnerable, which is why I warmly recommend this book to anyone. It is refreshing to have this clear, logical, biblical explanation. I pray this book will reach missionaries, Bible colleges, theological institutions, and anyone attracted or confused by the prosperity doctrine. I hope that, by reading this book, all pastors will reawaken to their responsibility to teach their flock what the Word says. Jude and this book conclude with practical applications on how to protect ourselves and the church from destructive false doctrines. If we stand up for the gospel, God will keep us eternally safe from falling, and we will never stop praising him. —Ms Seintje Veldhuis, Leadership Coach, Former Africa Regional Director of Feed the Children

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