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Wilbur O'Donovan

Biblical Christianity in Modern Africa

Biblical Christianity in Modern Africa confronts the problems facing the church in Africa from a biblical perspective, and offers suggestions on how these problems can be overcome.

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Life in this world is challenging. Brokenness and sin surround us. Controversies and confusion about complicated issues seem endless. It’s easy for Christians to be overwhelmed as they struggle to remain faithful to God’s teaching in a rapidly changing world.

Along with the changes have come great problems and difficult questions. What kind of future does Africa have? What, if anything, can the children of God do for their native lands and peoples?

Problems are not solved until we acknowledge them and face them openly, honestly, and courageously. In Biblical Christianity in Modern Africa, Wilbur O’Donovan addresses the problems facing the church in Africa from a biblical perspective. He wisely and boldly confronts issues that challenge the church in Africa, such as:

  • Urbanization
  • Pornography
  • Poverty
  • False teaching
  • Broken marriages
  • Denominationalism

Although modern Africa’s problems are great, they are not intimidating to God. God does not change, and remembering what God did for his people in the past will help us know what he can do today.

Biblical Christianity in Modern Africa reminds us that the wisdom of God is the answer to the problems of Africa today, just as they were to the people who lived thousands of years ago.

Wilbur O'Donovan holds a BAE degree from Cornell University as well as an MA and a Doctor of Ministry degrees from Columbia International University. He has been a missionary in West and East Africa for more than 40 years. During those years, he has been on the teaching faculties of more than 10 theological and missionary training schools.

Dr O'Donovan was the founder and first principal of the Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Institute under the Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship. He was most recently a lecturer at Moffat Bible College in Kijabe, Kenya. He and his wife Esther have two children, who are both missionaries in East Africa with their families.

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