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Michael Cassidy

Deep Waters of the Disciple

Thoughts for Christians in Crisis

With pastoral compassion, Michael Cassidy comforts people facing deep waters of many kinds. He can testify to 85 years of life’s ups and downs, and has counseled many people who God has supported through unimaginable trials.

When everything is shaken, you can ground yourself in the biblical wisdom of Deep Waters of the Disciple.

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Do you feel as if you’re drowning? As if between waves of doubt, despair, and grief, you’re struggling to stay afloat? Perhaps you’re facing a crisis in your marriage, the loss of a loved one, or financial problems. Maybe it’s shame or a scary illness that threatens to sink you. You’re clinging to life in desperation and tempted to ask: where is God in this?

You’re not alone. When Peter started to sink in deep waters, he called out to Jesus. Jesus’s strong hand held him fast. He was in control of the storm all along.

With pastoral compassion, Michael Cassidy comforts people facing deep waters of many kinds. He can testify to 85 years of life’s ups and downs, and has counseled many people who God has supported through unimaginable trials.

Michael provides insight into specific types of suffering, including:

  • Disease and Illness
  • Doubt
  • Despair and Depression
  • Marriage Troubles
  • Bereavement

Not only will this volume help you with your own challenges, but it will equip you to understand and help others with theirs. When everything is shaken, you can ground yourself in the biblical wisdom of Deep Waters of the Disciple.

Michael Cassidy is the founder of African Enterprise, an interdenominational ministry evangelizing Africa’s cities. For over five decades he has ministered across Africa and the globe, working closely with the great Christian leaders of our time, such as Billy Graham, John Stott, Festo Kivengere, Desmond Tutu, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Colson, and Eugene Peterson, as well as organizations such as World Vision and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

He was born in Johannesburg, raised in Lesotho, and educated at Michaelhouse (SA), Cambridge (UK), and Fuller Seminary (USA). He has authored many books, including A Witness For Ever about his backstage role in facilitating unity and racial reconciliation to hold South Africa’s first democratic elections. He and his wife, Carol, live in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and have three children and eight grandchildren.

This book came to me six months after I lost my husband. A wonderful marriage of 57 years was snatched from me in a moment. Life has been very devastating. Most messages I find by men and women of God talk about prosperity, blissful marriages, and rejoicing always, without talking about the other side of life: pain. Christians have not been called to a problem-free life but to an overcoming life. This invaluable tool helps us not only embrace the reality of crises in the Christian walk but also to develop the attitudes that will lead to a victorious life. —Rev Dr Judy Mbugua, CEO/Founder of Homecare Ministry, Nairobi, Kenya, First President and Coordinator of Pan Africa Christian Women Alliance (PACWA), The Women Commission of Evangelicals in Africa

Everyone who purposes to live a godly life suffers a measure of persecution (2 Timothy 3:12), whether ankle-deep, knee-deep, or waist-deep (Ezekiel 47:3-6). The level of overflowing deep waters is, however, the preserve of those with the faith to be able to endure it, because the Lord does not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). In Deep Waters of the Disciple, Cassidy articulates these truths of Scripture. A tried-and-tested servant of God of our generation has poured tremendous wisdom from his passionate heart. This book will comfort any aching heart, graciously touching many departments of human life where one could be a victim of pain or discomfort. I highly recommend this read to all Christians, especially those going through some sort of mishap in life and asking God questions. I daresay they will find answers in Deep Waters of the Disciple. —Rev Dr Nii Amoo Darku, Chairman of African Enterprise – Ghana, CEO of AD and Associates, Ghana

This book speaks directly to the many challenges of Christian living. In our world of easy answers, here we are given God’s Word as our guide and Cassidy’s stories as windows to successful living until the end of our life on earth. The health of our local churches depends on the spiritual health of each member; I therefore encourage all, including clergy and laypersons, to find new perspectives on suffering in these pages. Cassidy’s deep love for God and God’s Word, and his great desire for people to experience the transforming power of the gospel, shines through the pages of this book and will greatly encourage the readers. —Rev Esme Bowers, Chairperson of The Evangelical Alliance of SA (TEASA), Executive Director for Church Engagement of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)

Down-to-earth and practical for those seeking help in some of the many challenges of life . . . Unlike much of the “health and wealth” teaching rampant in Africa today, this practical book tackles head-on many problems we face, from difficult relationships to challenging health crises. Cassidy is clear that the only way to face these problems is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but it is not automatic protection against them. Believers in Christ are not exempt from suffering, depression, fear, bad health, etc. But the great difference for believers, as he shows with dozens of examples from his own life and the lives of those he has counselled, is that they know that “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28 KJV, italics added)! Sharing from the Scriptures, his heart, and his many years of experience, Cassidy teaches us how to avoid or overcome the many pitfalls we face in daily living in this fallen world. —Ramez Atallah, Senior Advisor, The Bible Society of Egypt

Cassidy is determined to finish the race (Hebrews 12:1). He is a man who understands pain, suffering, disappointment, and even betrayal, yet he continues to keep focused on the finishing line and his beloved Jesus. I endorse this book, which is most definitely very timely. There are many people who are suffering through the lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic which has swept the world. I believe that through the honesty and sincerity of this book many people will be comforted, healed, and set free. —Angus Buchan, Evangelist, Founder of Shalom Ministries and the Mighty Men Movement

In this captivating book, Cassidy walks the disciple through life’s journey from life’s cradle to its end. I couldn’t put it down! The real-life “sweet & bitter” stories that encapsulate the believer’s journey make it an inspiring and very practical read for all seasons of life. —Dr Stephen Mbogo, International Team Leader, African Enterprise

We are living in unsettling times, bombarded daily with circumstances that leave us reeling with shock, disbelief, disappointment, or fear – in fact, everything that is counter-intuitive to our faith. This timely book unpacks the desperation and disappointments that many experience and that others will face. It brings hope by reminding us how faithful God is to his promises and points us to the true joy that we will all have in the life to come. For now, we need to hold fast to and trust the Word of God. This book will leave you deeply encouraged. —Erin Georgiou, Founder and Editor of JOY! Magazine

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