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Dave Bremner

Images of Leadership

Biblical Portraits of Godly Leaders

Images of Leadership traces powerful images of biblical leadership through the pages of both Old and New Testaments. Rich in graphic content, this resource shows that leaders in God's Kingdom are to be loving shepherds, humble servants, and faithful stewards.

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Images of Leadership traces powerful images of biblical leadership through the pages of both Old and New Testaments. It studies the portraits that God uses throughout Scripture to paint the profile of a faithful leader in his Kingdom on earth. Rich in graphic content, this resource interweaves color images with carefully constructed text to show that leaders in God's Kingdom are to be loving shepherds, humble servants, and faithful stewards.

Images of Leadership unflinchingly digs into how culture impacts our own leadership approaches, and examines the counter-cultural impact the Bible has on our assumptions of leadership. It challenges Christian leaders to discern between our cultural assumptions of leadership in the light of the biblical role models embodied in Christ and essential for his people.

Dave Bremner is a South African missionary who has served with SIM since 1990. He and his wife Nikki started mission service as pioneer rural church-planters. Dave used his profession as a veterinarian to serve and engage the interior communities of Paraguay with gospel witness in a practical expression of love, care and faith.

Dave served as the Director of the SIM work in Paraguay and before being asked to join the International Leadership Team of SIM in 2006 as a Deputy International Director with specific oversight of the mission's work in East and Southern Africa. In 2014 he designed and launched a leader development initiative at the request of the International Director of SIM to further equip the senior leadership of the SIM countries around the world.

The concepts expressed in Images of Leadership come from Dave's personal studies of biblical leadership and the commission by the International Director, Dr Joshua Bogunjoko, to frame leadership in SIM on the basis of shepherds, servants and stewards.

Many cultures in the world learn best through imagery portrayed in songs, poems, art, parables, and stories. In Images of Leadership, Dave Bremner fills a gap in Christian leadership teaching, which is otherwise highly abstract. This book not only brings to prominence significant biblical ideas of a leader and how they should lead, it also unveils a visual language that will awaken our understanding of those biblical images. Such visual language is ‘spoken’ by every culture and is highly relevant for leading today’s multi-cultural teams. I highly recommend this book to all those who want to lead and be led well. —Dr Joshua Bongunjoko, International Director, SIM

A treasure lies within this book. Having heard Dr Bremner, I can attest to its distinctive value. Combining picture and text energizes personal reflection and growth. Beyond that is the invigorating discussion this book can stimulate in a group study. Imagine life-giving insights as the Holy Spirit speaks from each to all, through engaging image, text and life experiences. —Dr Duane H. Helmer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, TEDS

What does leadership look like in God’s Kingdom? This book explores the familiar images of a shepherd, servant and steward through a biblical lens. It speaks honestly about the dangers and messiness of leadership, yet points to the ultimate purpose of leadership: to grow into what God has designed us to be – like Christ. —Rev Dr Patrick Fung, General Director, OMF International

In a world filled with power seeking leadership – even within the church – and, in which the ancient serpent of Genesis and Revelation continues to deceive humanity by questioning and distorting God’s words, Dave Bremner’s work is a refreshing reminder that Jesus has modeled for us the character and essence of Godly leadership. This is a beautiful book of word and pictures, pointing us to Jesus and to the only pathway to lead effectively – Shepherd, Servant, and Steward – for God’s mission in the vast diversity of human life and culture. —Dr Sherwood Lingenfelter, Senior Professor and Provost Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

Amidst a plethora of writings on leadership, Dave Brenner invites the reader to ponder the timeless images of shepherd, servant and steward exemplified in the sacrificial life of Jesus. Shared leadership in God’s Kingdom is creatively portrayed through photography and practical wisdom that counters the pursuit of power and privilege often promoted by the kingdoms of this world. Images of Leadership is timely for those who wish to deepen their leadership effectiveness through following Jesus. —Dr Roger Heuser, Professor of Leadership Studies, Vanguard University

Images of Leadership echoes the model of Jesus who led by example. It beautifully and deeply addresses the real life of a Christian leader that Jesus mandated his followers to be – shepherds, servants, stewards, and leaders who share leadership. You will find no other book that has skillfully delved into Scripture and unearthed gems of wisdom. It will transform your life, your leadership skills, and the lives of those you lead. —Dr Robert M. Kamau, President and Founder of African Transformational Leadership

The lack of godly leadership results in a disastrous scenario where the flock is scattered and, without proper care, could slip into the darkness. The book offers a wealth of biblical and practical insight into the images of a shepherd, servant, and steward for leaders who long to be faithful in their call to lead God’s flock placed under their care. Dave Bremner has brought us back to the biblical roots of leadership as found in both the Old and New Testament. —Rev Dr Siegfried Ngubane, Regional Director for Southern Africa, SIM

With conciseness, clarity and a deep commitment to Scripture, Dave Bremner has produced a must-read leadership guidebook. Using the biblical prescriptions of shepherding (loving the people under our care), servanthood (humble love lived out), and stewardship (faithfully pursuing God’s agenda), Dave challenges our motives and stimulates our faithfulness. Whether we are pastors, ministry leaders or parents investing in the next generation, Images of Leadership will catalyze greater Christ-like leadership. —Paul Borthwick, Senior Consultant, Development Associates International

The world needs leaders who exemplify the values of God’s Kingdom. Through the biblical imagery of the shepherd, servant and steward, the author prudently inspires such needed leadership. This timely publication underscores how leaders are intrinsically interconnected with those they lead. —Dr Stephen Coertze, Executive Director, Wycliffe Global Alliance

There is a global crisis of confidence in leadership, with trust in leaders in short supply. This book draws us into God’s desire for leaders to follow after his heart. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful images in this book. There are no shortcuts; it’s counter-cultural. But these images of leadership will enable people and God’s leaders to flourish. —Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel MBE, Executive Director, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

Not many have thought as deeply, as biblically, as globally and as practically about leadership as Dave Bremner. As one who has benefitted greatly from Dave's faithful and faith-filled leadership as well as from his years spent reflecting on how to develop the leadership of others, I am delighted that his meditation on this vital topic are now available to a wider audience – and in such a creative and visually compelling way. —Dr Steven M. Bryan, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Images of Leadership is brilliantly and creatively written. A must-read for anyone who is serious about leading God’s way. —Dr Lawrence Tong, International Director, OM International

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