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“I highly recommend this book to all those who want to lead and be led well. Many cultures in the world learn best through imagery portrayed in songs, poems, art, parables, and stories...Such vital language is 'spoken' by every culture and is highly relevant for leading today's multi-cultural teams”
Dr Joshua Bongunjoko, International Director, SIM

The origins of Images of Leadership


Images of Leadership challenges Christian leaders to discern between our cultural assumptions of leadership in the light of the biblical role models embodied in Christ and imperative in His people.


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Dave Bremner

Images of Leadership

Biblical Portraits of Godly Leaders

Images of Leadership is a concise study of the portraits God uses throughout Scripture to paint the profile of a faithful leader in His Kingdom on earth. It is a book rich in graphic content that interweaves color images with carefully constructed text to communicate and highlight the images that comprise the core message of the book: leaders in God's Kingdom are to be loving shepherds, humble servants and faithful stewards.

Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel MBE
Dr. Robert M. Kamau
Rev Dr Patrick Fung

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The Loving Shepherd, The Humble Servant, and The Faithful Stewards

The Image of a Shepherd

The Image of a Servant

The Image of a Steward

Shared Leadership in The Body of Christ

Leading in Love, Humility, and Faithfulness

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