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M.D. Kinoti, PhD

Making Peace with Fire

Harnessing Conflict to Transform your Relationships

Making Peace with Fire prepares you to confidently navigate conflicts with family, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and other communities. “Making peace with fire” doesn’t mean resigning yourself to costly conflicts – it means transforming them to lead to stronger relationships.

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Making Peace with Fire will sharpen your leadership skills as you learn from proven principles, case studies, and practical tools. You can build – or save – the relationships that give your life meaning.

This book will help you to understand, appreciate, and deal with conflicts in positive ways. It gives proven practices for trusting another person, actively listening, and creatively engaging. To speak to the heart and bring transformation on a deeper level, this book also features stories relevant to African communities. As a result, individuals will be able to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth.

  • Transform your conflicts into opportunities.
  • Instead of fighting with each other, learn how to fight for your church, family, or community.
  • Learn how to work through conflicts and make them work for you.

M. D. Kinoti has lived through conflict in many areas of life. He grew up in a poor family in a rural community, with frequent conflict between the three wives and his 15 siblings. Tribal conflicts with the neighbouring ethnic groups meant that as a young kid, he was taught how to run and hide in the bushes if he heard gun shots from Somali raiders.

In university, he studied sociology and after graduation, he worked with a Christian development organization.

Frustrated by how poorly the church seemed to handle conflict, he wanted to understand what the Christian faith had to offer us and what we have to offer the world in the process of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. So, he pursued graduate and doctoral studies at Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). He found out that the Bible is full of stories encouraging peace. He wrote his PhD dissertation on the church’s missional call to foster peaceful interethnic relations as a body and in the world.

Dr Kinoti has taught peace skills to organizational leaders in more than 20 countries since 2008. He is a trained cross-cultural mediator with a PhD in interethnic peacebuilding and a Professor of Leadership & Management at Regis University in Denver, CO, USA.

A must-read for frontline practitioners involved in peace and development as well as for marketplace leaders!—Dr Daniel Muvengi, Africa Director for Faith & Development Programming at World Vision East Africa

Widely relevant for families, churches, estranged couples, pastors, counsellors, business and political leaders, and company CEOs. I cannot recommend it highly enough. — Michael Cassidy, Founder of African Enterprise, South Africa

At a time when conflicts abound, this book is a gift. — Jane Overstreet, President of Development Associates International, USA

— Rev Dr Gideon Para-Mallam, CEO of The Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, Nigeria

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