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La Bible d’étude: perspectives africaines (Black Bonded Leather)

La Bible d’étude: perspectives africaines is the French version of the Africa Study Bible, the most ethnically diverse single-volume biblical resource to date.

Written by 350 contributors from 50 countries, it includes Nouvelle Bible Segond, 2002, 161 maps and graphical features, a 121-page topical index, and features that illuminate the truth of Scripture with unique, African perspectives.


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La Bible d'étude: perspectives africaines is the most ethnically diverse single-volume biblical resource ever created.

Written by 350 contributors from 50 countries, this book includes more than 2,600 features that illuminate the truth of Scripture with unique, African perspectives. It's an all-in-one course in biblical content, theology, history, and culture.

Now, for the first time, this incredible resource is available for Francophone Africa! In partnership with PJA (Publications pour la jeunesse africaines), the Africa Study Bible is now accessible to over 100 million French-reading African Christians.

As you read this book, you’ll discover:

  • Nouvelle Bible Segond, 2002 edition
  • Application notes inspiring you to apply biblical truth to everyday life
  • Proverbs and stories relating Scripture with wisdom from Africa
  • Learn notes teaching Christian values and doctrine
  • Touch points revealing uniquely African perspectives
  • Articles giving practical advice on how to live faithfully
  • Introductions explaining each book's content and connecting biblical themes to African contexts
  • A narrative timeline highlighting God's work in Africa from the beginning of civilization to today
  • A topical index and concordance, a Bible overview reading plan, charts, timelines, full-colour maps, and more!

La Bible d'étude: perspectives africaines is truly God's Word Through African Eyes.

Meet the BEPA Launch and Training Team: Abel Ndjerarreou, BEPA Founding Member, Launch & Training Strategic Counselor; Augustin Ahoga, Launch & Training Coordinator French-speaking Africa; Genevieve Guei, Launch & Training Coordinator West French-speaking Africa; Barka Kamnadj, Launch & Training Coordinator Central & Islands French-speaking Africa; and Greg Burgess, BEPA Project Leader and Founder of Publications pour la jeunesse africaines, Oasis's co-publisher and partner in creating this vital resource for Francophone Africa.

The Africa Study Bible is a timely response to thousands of Christians in Africa who, like the Ethiopian official, are reading the Scripture without understanding its message (Acts 8:31). The Africa Study Bible has been variously welcomed as a precious resource, divinely providential. The church has come of age. This work is original, rich, profound, culturally sensitive, inspiring, and meets a long-felt need. The French version, La Bible d'étude: perspectives africaines, is about to be launched. Just as I was involved in casting the vision [in English], I am more committed today to promote La BEPA’s launching across African French-speaking countries as well as in francophone diaspora beyond Africa. —Prof Dr Abel Ndjerareou, “Africa Study Bible” contributor and Professor at Shalom Evangelical School of Theology in Chad

French-speaking Africa is known for its material poverty. One element of this poverty is the lack of Christian literature resources in the French language. The need for French-language Bible study materials is, and remains to be, an even more profound source of poverty for the region. With so few study Bibles in Francophone Africa, translating [the Africa Study Bible] is not merely a priority, it is a necessity, an emergency. It will be like providing food (God’s Word) for a starving population. —Dr Daniel Bourdanné, former General Secretary, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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