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Bookie Adekanye

Happily Whenever After

As a Nigerian lady who’s single in her 40s, in a culture which places high premium on marriage, Bookie Adekanye shares her journey with God with a hilarious no-holds-barred twist.

As a Nigerian lady who’s single in her 40s, Bookie Adekanye gets it. But she’s convinced singleness isn’t a curse to a life of gloom. She’s here to help you shake free of the pressure and live into your purpose! In her sassy, down-to-earth style, Bookie answers all those questions you secretly wonder about:

  • How do you manage sexual desire?
  • If I’m successful, will I intimidate suitors?
  • What are my options if I want children?

In this book, you’ll be inspired by other single women’s journeys. Hilariously relatable moments encourage you that you’re not in this alone. You’ll find biblical encouragement, practical advice, opportunities to reflect, and creative exercises to empower you to build your best life now.

Candid and kind, Bookie reminds you of God’s overwhelming love for you. No matter how society labels you, God says you belong to him. You’re invited to heal from past scars and be your confident, courageous self. The God of the Bible used single ladies to deliver and save, and he definitely has a plan for you.

Bookie Adekanye has not only navigated the challenges of mature singleness in Nigeria, she has helped many other single women thrive. As a certified Christian counsellor, her passion is to see people live purposeful lives and walk intimately with God.

She is also an entrepreneur, magazine columnist, travel enthusiast, and lover of nature. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

Visit to read more of Bookie's humorous and honest blogs on "living the best version of life as a single lady".

Bukola bares it all: straight from the heart, just as it is. She speaks to and for the single, marriage-ready woman who is buffeted on all sides by the brutal, never-ending pressures from societal expectations. Is it a crime to not be married? Can a mature single woman ever be happy? What if Mr Right never comes knocking at the door of your heart? You’ll find answers to all of these and more in Happily Whenever After. A must-read for all single ladies. —Mobolaji Banjo, Lead Therapist at Hearttitude eCounseling

Happily Whenever After has blessed me beyond measure! It infused laughter with penetrating questions and exercises that disarmed me in each chapter. I believed that by my early 30s, I’d be married with at least one child, have a great career, be financially ahead, and be able to retire early. Years later, I’ve accomplished my goals except I never married nor had children. However, I am happier than I ever thought I could be and I didn’t become the dreaded cat lady! Precious single sisters, read this book. Let each rich chapter bring you growth and encouragement as it did for me. Allow God to remind you again and again, “I LOVE YOU”! —Vickie Mitchell, Principal Architect and Engineer

In a world where it is so easy to get lost in one’s emotional, societal, and inner circle pressures, this timely masterpiece helps singles navigate their best life. Non-judgemental and gracious, the author invites you to have a heart conversation on what happily ever after may look like for you. She takes a fresh look at biblical truth for guidance and relevance for the single’s journey. Her take on this much-needed conversation is candid, transparent, hands-on, kind, and humorous. Truly one of the best books on singleness I have read. —Pastor Denise Munroe, Embassy Family Life

Wow! This book brought tears to my eyes. Single ladies, you will feel understood and validated. It expresses the trauma that is so hard to put into words. You will leave empowered to deal with the overwhelm that comes from everyone proffering solutions for a “problem” that they don’t understand. I’m confident this book will heal many hearts. As a counsellor, this book equipped me to walk alongside singles in a way that respects and values them. In a culture that has hurt ladies without knowing it, Happily Whenever After helps us understand our impact and how to do things differently. —Modupe Ehirim, Founder & Lead Counsellor at The Right Fit Marriage Academy

“Why should I live my life fantasising about being walked down the aisle and called Mrs A?” “Why should my success be determined mainly by my ability (or otherwise) to attract a man?” “Why should younger relatives’ weddings make me feel pressure to lie that I’m dating or avoid the wedding?” These are tough piercing bones Happily Whenever After set out to pick with all of us. And I must admit that Bookie Adekanye not only chewed these bones, she crushed them! —Kingsley Obom-Egbulem, Behaviour Change Communication Expert

I laughed and cried. Witty, original, and very authentic, this book breaks labels and biases, challenging how we have been socialized about marriage and our life journey as women. Whether you are single or married, Happy Whenever After is a book that every woman should own – and so should the men who love them. —Enobong Etuk, CEO of Boldoz Bookstore

In a compelling and bold manner, Bookie Adekanye addresses pertinent and real issues that are peculiar to mature single ladies, not only within the African space but also from the context of spirituality. She brings into the open complexities that we subtly sweep under the carpet, playing the ostrich, and realities that we hid by muttering “spiritually correct” phrases. To read this book is to find liberation, comfort, courage, and joy to be all you have been destined to be while single. Your happily ever after is right there in your hands. Live it! —Bisi Adebayo, Marriage Counsellor, Life Coach, and Founder, Bisi Adebayo Networking Gems (BANG)

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