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Do you long for a voice and an opportunity to help shape the direction of the church or society?

There are inspiring stories of influencers recorded in the Bible. Real stories of the lives of young people who influenced nations and leaders even when they did not have official positions of power.

Each of these influencers faced a different challenge, similar to what we face today in our churches and nations.

Influence is for anyone who longs for a voice and an opportunity to help shape the direction of the church or society. Influence will guide you on how to learn the steps to becoming an influencer.

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Philip E. Morrison & Hankuri Tawus Gaya


Leading Without Position

Do you have ideas for change but feel powerless to make them happen? Do you try to respect your leaders’ authority but yearn for them to see your vision?

Discover how to spark change, just as young men and women in the Bible did. People in your community, church, or nation will begin to follow you. Soon you will be leading transformation!

Influencers on Influence

Influence Authors

Pastor Hankuri Gaya is Area Director and Strategic Plan Officer of Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Dr. Phil Morrison has years of experience with Africa Inland Mission.
Together they share a passion to raise up young leaders. Motivated by that passion, they co-authored Influence: Leading Without Position. Join us as they dialogue about their new book and how young leaders can influence and transform their world.

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