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Free ASB Resources

Oasis International is pleased to offer several free resources to aid your journey and discovery with the Africa Study Bible.

Each resource will help you understand how to use different aspects of the study Bible and encourage your faith. Fill out the forms at the links below and we will send you an email with the item free of charge. We pray these resources are a blessing to you as you seek to know God more fully.

  • Lent Through African Eyes - 40 Day Devotional

    Africans now and throughout history have shaped Christian thought and contemplative practice. In 40 days, explore the Lenten themes of prayer, fasting, repentance, and alms-giving.
    Sojourn with Jesus’ disciples from his baptism through to Holy Week. Abide with him in trial and temptation. Hear the shouts of the crowd, first in celebration then in condemnation.
    Experience Simon of Cyrene’s life being transformed by carrying the cross. Witness the crucifixion with Mary as the debt of sin is paid. Join us on a biblical pilgrimage as we prepare our hearts for Jesus’ passion and glorious resurrection.

  • ASB 30-Day Devotional

    Want to learn leadership from the leaders of the world’s fastest growing Christian population? Gain hope in hard times from people who have suffered and persevered? Explore the Trinity with the theologians who first grasped this doctrine? Understand biblical customs through the lens of similar African traditions?

    From the priest Phinehas to Augustine, believers in Africa have led God’s people to deeper discipleship. Here’s your chance to join the journey. Receive a daily devotional featuring 30 days of notes and inspiration from the Africa Study Bible and the New Living Translation right to your inbox.

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  • Reading God’s Word Through African Eyes Together: A Study Guide on the Book of James

    Receive a free study guide on the Book of James for individuals or small groups, featuring notes and insight from the Africa Study Bible.

    Specifically written to help you learn Bible study methods, this resource will show you how to grow your faith through the features of the Africa Study Bible. This resource is available in both PDF and ePub formats.

    Click here to receive your copy!

  • Trusting God in Times of Crisis - 7 Day Devotional

    Currently, the world is experiencing a period of crisis with the COVID19 pandemic. In times like these, you may be asking, “What is going on?”; “Does God  delay?”; “Where can I look to?”

    We invite you to sign up for our latest devotional to see what God has to say about trusting him in and through difficult times.

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  • ASB Tools for Effective Ministry

    As our world is in crisis, people need God’s Word more than ever.

    The Africa Study Bible can equip you to minister effectively to God’s people, with the biblical insights of contributors from 50 countries. 

    Click here for a PDF of more than 20 resources from the Africa Study Bible that are especially relevant at this time.

  • ASB Training Manual

    The purpose of this manual is to help you empower God’s people to read, understand, live, and share the message of God as given in the Bible.

    When you finish the facilitation process, you and your trainees will be able to describe all the features of the Africa Study Bible; learn how to use the features and index for preaching, teaching, and ministry; relate the structure of the Africa Study Bible to its theme; acquire the competencies required to study God’s Word in-depth to ensure spiritual growth of the individual and the community of God’s people; and form support groups in which they read the word of God and share their experiences.
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  • ASB – Bible Overview Reading Plan

    Receive the inspiring daily reading plan featured in the Africa Study Bible in an accessible PDF format. Click here to receive your copy!

  • The Christmas Story Through African Eyes - 25 Day Devotional

    The shame of barrenness. Diviners. Village obscurity. A child’s naming ceremony. A king’s shocking bloodline. Supernatural dreams.

    This advent season, fresh African insights illuminate the Bible’s timeless tale. Learn from the continent’s cultures, early theologians, and today’s Christian leaders.

    Journey through the whole Christmas story, from prophecies about Christ through Matthew, John, and Luke’s nativities. You won’t see the Christmas story the same way again.

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