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Joseph William Black

The Radical Money Manifesto

What Jesus Taught and We Forgot

In this book, we learn that one of the missing piece in our lives as Christians and in our churches is stewardship - stewardship as Jesus understood and taught it, stewardship as the early Christians practiced and experienced it. Based on the biblical and church history insights of Raising Up Good Stewards, The Radical Money Manifesto includes Bible study questions for learning to be stewards together.

The Radical Money Manifesto reconnects discipleship with the idea of stewardship, the way the concepts behind these words are actually used in our New Testament.

Jesus has a much bigger agenda for how you use the money he entrusted to you. Jesus issues a radical manifesto for citizens of the kingdom of heaven. He offers freedom from fretting, justice for the poor, and investment opportunities with eternal pay-offs. Whatever it costs, Jesus promises it will be worth it.

Dr Joseph William Black is a theologian and church historian who has been training leaders for African churches since 2000. His passion for stewardship came from serving the churches of Ethiopia and Kenya, including pastoring the largest English-language church in Ethiopia. He brings a unique biblical and historical perspective to the subject, with a BA from Duke University, an MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge.

He has served as a lecturer and the Deputy Dean of the Makarios III Patriarchal Orthodox Seminary in Nairobi and is currently a Senior Lecturer at St Paul's University in Theology and History.

He lives, teaches, and preaches from Nairobi, Kenya.

This book gives a fresh, culturally relevant perspective on stewardship and generosity. Christian generosity is so strategic‚ God has already given his people more than enough to resource his kingdom. –Robert Collins, CFA, Global Managing Director of TrustBridge Global, formerly with the National Christian Foundation and Goldman Sachs Asset Management

With his background as a church historian and theologian, Dr Black carefully weaves a beautiful tapestry of Scripture, church history, the Church Fathers's teaching, as well as insights of respected contemporary leaders in Africa who give successful church approaches to godly stewardship. His eye-opening explanation of tithing from scriptural and historical perspectives will reset your thinking. –Dr Tim Teusink, teaching medical ethics in Africa with SIM France-Belgium

Dr Black provides us with a timely and very relevant theology of stewardship. He issues a serious call to return to God‚Äôs mission in all respects. If we let go, we will discover there are resources for what God has called us for. The book is a "must read and a must do!" –Dr Hannes van der Walt, Projects Manager for the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners, South Africa

Written by a scholar who was formed and has served both sides ‚Äì the Global North and Global South, as well as Eastern and the Western Christianity, this is a breath of fresh air when it comes to stewardship and the discipleship it demands. –Very Rev Fr Evangelos Thiani (ThD), Senior Lecturer at Makarios III Orthodox Patriarchal Seminary, Nairobi-Kenya

With vivid stories, Dr Black outlines a practical approach grounded in the sacrificial example of Jesus Christ to build a lifestyle of stewardship. As a teacher, historian, and seasoned pastor, Dr Black in his own life has "learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and want" (Philippians 4:13). This makes his message truly authentic and gives it transformative power. –Very Rev Dr John A. Jillions, author of Divine Guidance: Lessons for Today from the World of Early Christianity

Using excellent Kenyan examples, Dr Black reinterprets Christian prosperity within biblical perspective. I recommend it to all Christians who honestly desire to see the church steward the world within God's parameters. –Rev Dr Julius Kithinji, Lecturer and Head of the Department of Theology, Philosophy, and Biblical Studies at St Paul's University, Kenya

You will want to share these lessons with members of your church and Bible study groups! – Rev Dr John Michael Kiboi, Author of Assurance of Salvation and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology at St Paul's University, Kenya

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